Integrating Social Media into Your Manufacturing Event Marketing 

As manufacturing marketers, trade shows and conferences are pretty much the marketing standard. But as the manufacturing world continues to become more digital, it’s important to incorporate these strategies into your traditional marketing. In fact, 87% of B2Bs use social media to promote events, and social media is ranked as the second most effective channel for event promotion. We’ve outlined a few strategies that you can use across networks to help you integrate social media into your event marketing.

Website & Strategy

  • Have a plan. Devise a strategy on how you plan on tackling your next conference – what you want to highlight, what days you plan to post on what topics, which networks you will focus your energy on.
  • Create a landing page that you can link all your social media posts to that has information about the show and how your company is participating in it. This will help direct people to your website from social and you will be able to track engagement.
  • Write a blog post promoting the show and informing people that you will be participating. Once the show is over, do a quick recap of how your company participated. If you attended seminars or listened to speakers, you can write an article about each topic.
  • Update any email lists or CRMs that you have with lead information that you collected at the show.

  • Create a hashtag for your company at the event, or find the hashtag that is already associated with the event. Before the event even begins, you can start conversations with other attendees, and continue them throughout and after the conference.
  • Update your audience on what speakers you plan to check out, how your company is participating throughout the day, and what your booth number Is so they can stop by.
  • Ask people who stop by your booth to tag you in a tweet and make a comment about your product or service.
  • Hold a contest or giveaway, and use the hashtag for the tradeshow to promote it so anyone who is following can participate.

  • Create a video that focuses on a product or service that your company offers. Consider having a monitor or iPad at the event that continuously shows your videos at the event booth.
  • Have a camera on hand to record people sampling your products or participating in a product presentation so you can edit and post it as a promotional video.
  • If your company has a representative speaking at the event, take a video of the speaker so you can share it.

  • Find the show or conference’s event page. Share it, comment on it, and start conversations.
  • If you’re hosting a pre- or post-show event, or if your company is sponsoring a speaker, set up an event invite on Facebook.
  • Find other attendees who could potentially become customers who have Facebook pages and connect with them.
  • Post photos from the conference. Whether it’s from the trade show or from the fun after-parties, show how your company participated through photos. It will also help those who weren’t able to make it to the show get a sense of being there with you.

  • Identify hot leads on the network and reach out to them in advance to schedule lunch or coffee.
  • Go through any business cards you collected during the show and connect with the companies and individual leads that you made so you can continue to keep in touch with them.
  • If you had any content or sales collateral that you distributed at the show, make a PDF of it and post it onto LinkedIn to share with followers.

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