3 Secrets to Business Insider’s Success on LinkedIn – MediaShift

As LinkedIn regulars know, LinkedIn isn’t just for job searches – it’s for news.

Over the last few years, it has become clear that people are posting – and reading – more news on the platform. In fact, according to a recent Pew Research survey, nearly 20 percent of LinkedIn’s audience uses it to access news.

At Business Insider, we’re seeing this translate into a growing audience, increased referral traffic and an opportunity to interact with users who are among our most loyal and engaged.

For us, LinkedIn is part of a multi-platform (distributed) approach to content. It is no surprise given the makeup of our readership – the “next generation of business leaders” – that LinkedIn is among our top sources of social referral traffic.

Furthermore, each of our three brands, Business Insider, Tech Insider and Insider, has developed a strong presence on the platform.

Here are a few of the key reasons why Business Insider performs so well on LinkedIn…

Sourced through Scoop.it from: mediashift.org


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