Now May Be the Time for Pharma to Get Serious About Instagram

iDespite the fact that FDA recently cited Duchesnay for a violative Instagram Diclegis ad that featured celebrity Kim Kardashian, Instagram may be the social medium of choice of pharma marketers now that it has added a new feature.


Until now, I didn’t think Instagram was good for pharma. While its demographics may skew too young for marketing most of the products pharma has to sell, it is a growing population. Plus, now that it is owned by Facebook, the demographics – especially among women (the best target for drug marketing) – will likely shift to resemble FB’s demographics.


According to eMarketer, now that Instagram is open to all advertisers, by the end of 2016, 48.8% of marketers are expected to the platform.


Of course, due to FDA regulations, the necessity to expend resources to monitor comments for adverse reactions (read „One (BIG) Reason Pharma Shouldn’t Reconsider Instagram”), lack of expertise in measuring social media ROI, etc., pharma marketers have not given social media a warm reception no matter what the platform.


Continue reading to see why I feel a new Instagram feature will make it more appealing to pharma marketers.

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