Tips for marketing and blogging on LinkedIn – Adam Houlahan

Have you ever considered LinkedIn for growing your career or your business? LinkedIn is the social media channel for professionals to interact and engage in a professional way. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is all about it users’ professional lives and profiles. It is also a premium channel to enlist for using social media for business and marketing purposes.   There are numerous ways to create a LinkedIn marketing strategy, and in this article we’ll look at some simple tips and explain how to use LinkedIn for business and create a marketing plan for measureable results. To achieve sustainable success in the long term with professional social media marketing, you will need to develop a consistent, comprehensive LinkedIn marketing strategy. Whether you are a small business consisting of a sole trader, or a larger corporation, LinkedIn can be a powerful lead generator. How do you achieve this? Follow these steps: Remember LinkedIn is NOT your online resume! Too many LinkedIn users view the platform as an online resume. When it comes down to it, do the professional connections you make now care where you went to school? Or where your first job was? At the end of the day,more info

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