5 Creative Influencer Marketing Campaigns 2016

Influencer marketing platform Tomoson recently conducted a survey and found that nearly 60% of marketers plan on boosting their influencer marketing budgets in 2016. That’s a pretty hefty percentage, and the newcomers are joining the ranks of major brands, such as Calvin Klein and Mercedes, who have been experimenting with influencer campaigns for some time.But what is an influencer? Today’s definition covers a lot of ground: it can mean anyone and anything from Justin Bieber to ‘King of Snapchat’ DJ Khaled to Loki the Wolf Dog. We tend to think of influencers in the digital content space as people who have a certain number of blog or social media followers – in reality, the definition is much more elastic than that.Brands are starting to understand that finding the right influencer is significantly more important than finding the biggest or most popular celebrities. Sure, you can get Kim Kardashian tweeting for you and pay her a millions of dollars to do it. But if you do that, are you really reaching the the audience you want? Once the buzz dies down, are you making the smartest long-term investment of your marketing dollars? Probably not. Pick more fruit from halfway up the tree and you’ll find that it can be even more bountiful than the stuff at the top.Another tactic? Focusing on platform-specific superstars, taking into consideration the unique pros, cons, and demographics of each social media site to let influencers do the legwork for you. When it comes to influencer marketing, one-size-fits-all is decidedly not the way to go.Here are 5 examples of on-brand influencer campaigns in 2016….

Sourced through Scoop.it from: insights.newscred.com


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