India’s First Private DNA Forensics Lab in Gurgaon

Global biotechnology company Life Technologies has launched India’s first private DNA forensics laboratory here, which is intended to promote sampling process, and thereby reducing the burden on existing forensic laboratories. “Life Technologies DNA Forensics Laboratory will reduce the burden on existing forensic system and address the requirements of DNA database generation for un-identified dead bodies or other crime investigations,” said Devashish Ohri, Managing Director of Life Technologies South Asia.

Currently, there are only 28 laboratories for forensic DNA investigation and testing in the country. But, most of them are overburdened with an increasing number of cases and have sample backlogs. Till the beginning of 2013, there was a backlog of 862 crime cases in the DNA division of the Delhi State Forensic Science Laboratory alone, Ohri said, adding that for a country of the size and population of India, the number of labs ideally should be about 400.

Sursă: India’s First Private DNA Forensics Lab in Gurgaon


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